Movie Night


It’s Movie Night at your place.  Entertain your guests with a movie on our 10ft x 6ft movie screen or really wow them with our 16ft x 9ft JUMBO movie screen.  We use our digital sound system paired with a 5k lumen HD projector and a Blu-Ray Disc Player to bring a rich and immersive movie going experience.

$350 for our standard size screen with a 110″ viewing area, sound system and staff to setup, monitor, and tear down the equipment.



$450 for our Jumbo screen with a 240″ viewing area and everything listed above.



Meet our mega screen!

 $950 for our Mega 23ft x 16ft screen with a 310″ viewing area.

This includes a larger sound system for a larger crowd.



We offer concessions!

We do offer concessions; residents pay at the stand in cash, use tickets for food which are charged back to management, or management pays an all-inclusive fee.

Residents pay at the stand.

Popcorn is $1 bag

Assorted candy concessions (Snickers, Starburst, Skittles, KitKat, etc) are $1an item (full size bars and bags)

Water, soda, and juice are $1

Tickets for the food.

Waters are .50 per ticket with a $35 minimum.

Sodas and juices are $1 per ticket with a $50 minimum.

Popcorn is $1 per ticket with a $75 minimum

Candy is $1 per ticket with a $50 minimum. (full size bars and bags).

Or all-inclusive covers residents to come and grab as they please.

Waters with coolers and ice (6 cases of 16oz waters) $55

Sodas and juice are an additional $70 on top of water (10 cases of beverages)

Popcorn All-you-can-eat $150

Candy assortment $175 (full size bars and bags)


Please be aware that this is a rental service only and we do not aquire the movie license.

Please visit these websites to find more information about movie licensing.


Evening Tide Productions

Kyle “DJ Speck” Gauthier

Holly Springs, NC


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