Movie Night


Outdoor Movies & Movie screen rentals

It’s Movie Night at your place.  Entertain your guests with a movie on the lawn or poolside. 

We use our digital sound system (2 top speakers and a subwoofer) paired with a 5k lumen HD projector and a Blu-Ray Disc Player to bring a rich and immersive movie going experience.  Our staff are there to setup, monitor, and tear down the equipment.

$450 for our standard size screen with a 19ft diagonal viewing area and sound system.

Meet our mega screen!

 $950 for our Mega 23ft x 16ft screen with a 310″ viewing area.

This includes a larger sound system for a larger crowd.

We offer concessions!

We do offer concessions; residents pay at the stand in cash, use tickets for food which are charged back to management, or management pays an all-inclusive fee.

Or all-inclusive covers residents to come and grab as they please.

Waters with coolers and ice (4 cases of 8oz waters) $60

Sodas and juice are an additional $10 a case

Popcorn All-you-can-eat $150 (popping starts 30 min before the movie and ends 15 minutes before the end)

Candy assortment $175 (full size bars and bags)

Residents pay at the stand.

Popcorn is $1 bag

Assorted candy concessions (Snickers, Starburst, Skittles, KitKat, etc) are $1an item (full size bars and bags)

Water, soda, and juice are $1

Tickets for the food.

Waters are .50 per ticket with a $35 minimum.

Sodas and juices are $1 per ticket with a $50 minimum.

Popcorn is $1 per ticket with a $75 minimum

Candy is $1 per ticket with a $50 minimum. (full size bars and bags).

Please be aware that this is a rental service only and we do not obtain the movie license. This is the responsibility of the property owner/manager. At home/private viewings are exempt.

Please visit these websites to find more information about movie licensing.

Evening Tide Productions

Kyle “DJ Speck” Gauthier

Holly Springs, NC


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